The Dream Team

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Here’s part of the Be Human First dream team! I can’t begin to tell you how amazing it is to work with these particularly wonderful humans.

Meet David, our super-talented videographer and Ed, Co-Founder of Be Human First. (I’ll let you in on a secret, Ed’s also my husband and bestie).

David has been travelling around with me for almost ten years. He records my keynotes so my clients can access a professionally edited video to share with anyone who didn’t make it. Side note, I think David might be half ninja! You’ll never see him at events, but somehow, he captures my keynotes perfectly!

Ed and I often get asked how we work together as a couple. We kinda like each other! You don’t get to be married for 23 years, run a business together and genuinely enjoy being partners by sitting on the sofa with your fingers crossed! You do the work!

In fact, Be Human First Ltd exists because we use the exact same communication tools that we share with our clients. Before you lead others, you have to lead yourself, and for that to happen, you need an understanding of how you tick. Our coaching, workshops and training offer insights into human-hacking!

This week, we led the leadership day at Evelina Hospital School in London. Here’s a sneak peek of us all in our nation’s capital!

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