Leaders in education

Hello Everyday Hero 

You entered the education space to make a difference.

Jaz’s inspirational keynotes and Ed’s Senior Leadership coaching will reconnect you with your purpose, give you a much needed boost and a toolkit for changing even more lives.

Reconnect to your WHY

And take clear action

Add sparkle to school training

Bring the magic back

Create lasting change

For yourself and your students

What do we do? 

Jaz’s keynotes are well known for impacting the education space. Now she can help you design your entire day.

We design bespoke training days with in person and virtual options for teachers and leaders in education. 

Jaz is the ‘WHY’ and Ed is the ‘HOW’.

Jaz’s lived experience and skill at holding an audience in the palm of her hand emphasises the WHY.

Eds journey from professional footballer, to training orthopaedic surgeons using our bespoke human first toolkit delivers the HOW.

Your work changes lives and Jaz is living proof of that

As an ambassador for schools and the education sector, Jaz can empower your team of everyday heroes under three main themes: Inspire, Motivate, Transform. She will also share how to instil an unshakeable resilience and mindset that will last them a lifetime.

A journey of transformation

We support and champion human first leaders, create invincible purpose driven teams and galvanise your everyday heroes into action.

Motivate your everyday heroes with an unforgettable keynote from Jaz

Find out more about our leadership programmes

Discover how we empower teams

Ongoing personal and professional development for every adults in school


See us in action

What are my options?

All of our workshops and keynotes are deisgned for the whole school family. Thats every adult in school. From site-staff to leaders, catering teams to governors. Every adult has the capacity to be an everyday hero. 

Full day

We deliver an unforgetabble full day packed with practical, personal development tools designed around your theme. 

Half day

We deliver inspirational and interactive keynotes that add value and bring joy to the morning or afternoon of your conference. 

Bespoke combinations

We offer bespoke combinations with Ed in-person and Jaz doing a virtual or video keynote to fit every budget.

Want more information?

This is your time. Change happens as a result of inspiration or desperation, get ahead of the game. Download our brochure to discover how we can help transform your teams.