The Evelina London Children’s Hospital


It’s not every day you get to speak with humans as special as the Evelina Hospital School team – or stand in the snow in Central London!

Ed and I had the privilege of delivering a full day of my interactive keynote and his superb leadership lens workshop with this exceptional organisation. They are the heartbeat of education for the courageous children at The Evelina London Children’s Hospital.

Through the transformative lens of the 5 Voices framework, we saw more than just stories changing. We experienced perspectives shifting, and heroes recognising the unparalleled strengths they bring to the world. This day wasn’t just about understanding each other; it was about the power of connection, the art of decision-making, and the sheer power of the impact we have when of standing on the truth about ourselves.

Evelina team – you are the definition of Everyday Heroes. Thank you for the difference you make.

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