Feeling Stuck? Let’s Talk About Goals and Gump Feathers


Ever felt torn between being a goal-getter and drifting along like the feather at the end of the film Forrest Gump?

I used to think setting goals was a luxury I couldn’t afford. It is a story left over from the impact of navigating foster care as a child and homelessness as a uni student. Life was about struggle – not dreams.

Even after I became a teacher and things got a bit better financially, I was still stuck in this mindset of scarcity. It was like I was always bracing for the next setback, never feeling safe enough to risk it all on big dreams.

But you know what changed the game? Shifting from “Why me?” to “Why not me?” Instead of focusing on what I couldn’t do, I started asking, “What if I could?” The impact was huge. Within three months, I had a book deal and was asked to co-author academic papers with professors! How? I started being just 10% braver.

It was all about giving myself permission to dream big, ask better questions, and take some risks. I call it SWAG—Seriously Wild and Audacious Goals. And, to clarify, wishing you had more time to spend on emails is neither seriously wild nor audacious!

So, what’s your SWAG? Think big, and if it makes you feel as queasy as that time you ate a whole Lyons Vanilla Sponge Cake on the way home from Tesco’s (No? Just me then) you’re on the right track.

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