You’re a Frustrated Futurist

You’re ok but your team is struggling.

As a Frustrated Futurist, your special superpower is being highly driven, with the vision and ability to build a winning strategy.


You know where you want to get to, and the steps that are needed in order to get there


You are highly driven to succeed and you will always deliver, on time, and to a high standard


You thrive in a competitive environment as this motivates you to work harder and achieve great things

Frustrated Futurists Explained

Your special sauce is striving to be at the top of your game and to exceed expectations. As an individual, being competitive is really important to you and is your daily driver.

You have got to where you are today because you are highly driven, and your career has been built on your ability to produce the goods. You place high standards on yourself and others, and you succeed in delivering to these standards. 

Because you have ambition and seek to be the best, the challenge you may face is your team not being able to step up and deliver.

You are doing everything in your power to drive your team to be winners, yet they appear to not be as driven as you, and are struggling to keep up.

You may be thinking, “Why can’t you see my vision?” and feeling that your team doesn’t speak your language.

This leads you to burn the candle at both ends to keep the team and business moving forward, and you feel tired and frustrated.

You may be tempted to bring in a new team but this risks losing the talent you already have. 

The key here is to discover, and tap into, the talent within your existing team. Everybody within your team is wired differently and they will each hear something different from you as the leader. So you need to communicate with your team in a way that they can hear you. 

This is done by gaining an understanding of your leadership style, and uncovering the strengths and personalities of each individual within your team.


The 4 Action Steps


Uncover how each individual in your team is wired

Establish the unique superpower that each person brings to your team

Predict which members of your team click and how this can maximise performance

Build a strategy to accelerate you, your team, and your team’s performance


Building Invincible teams – Invincible Team Coaching

Invincible Team Coaching is our flagship offering and the recommended programme for Frustrated Futurists.

This bespoke executive team coaching programme deepens trust and accelerates team performance. We’ll go straight in and work with your team to:

  • Understand who they are
  • Identify areas of synergy and conflict
  • Get the entire team performing at its best and in line with the dynamics of individuals.

As a leader, you will realise the full potential of your leadership voice, while every member of your team will feel truly valued and heard. As you work together to execute strategy more effectively, you will reach your KPIs quickly and more smoothly.

Programme: 4 week pilot programme + two follow-on 8 week options = 12 weeks total.


I’m Ed & I’m passionate about personal leadership.

I have been in the corporate, public & private health sector for over 25 years steering change, mentoring and running £50M portfolios. Leading at different levels of an organization in several different companies.
During this time, I have invested in working with people to become influential leaders and increase their decision-making accuracy. To become a leader people want to follow rather than have to follow requires insight into the blind spots we all have plus a set of mirrors & lenses to enable deeper clarity.

Over the last few years, I have been applying the GiANT Leadership tools which have accelerated the accuracy of decisions made from the point of view of myself, my family and my organization.

This led to me becoming a fully certified Leadership Consultant and Partner in Giant London. I now take other executive leaders through the journey of leveling up the impact on their business and personal life.