Stop confusing your basic human needs with being needy!


Stop confusing your basic human needs with being needy!

They are two very different things my friend! Basic Human Needs: These are the things that are essential for life. Think water, air, and food, safety, health – the building blocks that keep us thriving. If you’re living in a society where these needs are met, then add tangibles like connection and meaningfulness to the list. These are the fundamentals of fulfilment. Needy Moments: Or as I call them, my OMV (Occasional Moments of Vulnerability). We all have them from time to time, especially when we are zapped of energy. You know when you just want to lie on the floor and give up. These are passing moments – you’ve survived 100% of your worst days so far. Asking for help or support is a natural part of being human. If you have a request – make it. We shouldn’t ignore our basic human needs in fear of coming across as demanding or a diva! Remember, it’s not needy to ask for help! Whether a listening ear or a helping hand, seeking support strengthens our connections. We’re here for each other. Embrace your humanity and honour basic needs! Be Human First.

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