Introducing Be Human First


Swap your lucky regular everyday pants for your special sequin spangle pants because the moment has arrived!

Swap those lucky regular everyday pants for your special sequin spangle pants because the moment has arrived!

We’re thrilled to officially introduce Be Human First, a brand born out of our shared passion for understanding human behaviour and unlocking its potential.

You might have spotted glimpses of our new logo in emails and on social media, but consider this our grand unveiling!

Be Human First isn’t just an organisation; it’s an invitation – a movement, and positive disruptors are welcome.

Come on in, pull up a chaise long and grab a cuppa. Let’s chat professional vulnerability and personal authenticity and how both can supercharge your influence at work and home.

Ed and I are both card-carrying humanologists with a bevvy of awards under our belts. I’m a multi-award-winning international keynote speaker, and Ed is a specialist in predictive behaviour who has won global awards for his leadership of global territories. In addition to speaking and coaching, together, we create and deliver days for organisations large and small.

In short I’m the why, and he’s the how!

We’re all about helping you lead yourself and others, codify effective communication and become 10% braver through our impactful keynotes, insightful coaching, and transformative workshops and retreats.

*More on retreats later – watch this space!

So whether you’re a leader in transition, a team looking for better communication, an event organiser wanting an unforgettable keynote or just nosey, this is for you! Check out the rest of our website and have a click around.

We’d love to hear what you think. Got feedback? Click reply and let us have it!

Be Human First Blog

News, insights and motivation on how to become a Human First Leader. 



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