You’re a Juggling Ringmaster

Your team is ok but you’re sacrificing yourself to keep them afloat.

As a Juggling Ringmaster, your special superpower is being at the top of your game and always delivering on a project.


You are fully capable and are busy carrying out many tasks and fulfilling many roles


Your skill is juggling a variety of things at the same time and ensuring that all the pieces of the jigsaw come together to deliver the end goal


You thrive in a busy environment and enjoy responsibility for your team

Juggling Ringmasters Explained

Your special sauce is being a leader who can keep all the plates spinning without – yet – dropping any. You love being in charge of your team and making sure they feel protected and looked after.

Whilst you are excelling in juggling the pressures of different roles, and running many different projects at once, you feel that your team needs to take on more and increase their contribution.

Your perception may lead you to believe that you need more people, or that you need to replace your existing team.

In the meantime, you are burning the candle at both ends trying to cover the shortfall. You are exhausted as you take on the majority of the workload in order to keep the team and business moving forward. Your team are content, but they are not fulfilling their capacities.

What is happening here is that you are doing the work *for* your team, instead of handing it over and letting them fly.

As a leader, your role is to give your team the skills and the trust they need to take the task in hand and own it. By giving them autonomy, you are liberating your team whilst releasing yourself of an incessant workflow. And by sharing the balls you have juggling in the air, it is far less likely that one will be dropped.

The key is not to replace your team but to hand over more to your team, in accordance with each individual’s skills and strengths.


The 4 Action Steps


Uncover how you are wired as a leader - what is your leadership style?

Discover what unique superpower your leadership brings (everybody has a superpower!)

Understand what is it like to be on the other side of your leadership

Ensure that your leadership health doesn’t hold back the potential of your business


Leadership Transition Coaching

Leadership Transition Coaching is the recommended programme for Juggling Ringmasters. This kind of coaching focuses on you and your leadership style.

It’s about learning who you are, and understanding how you lead, so that you don’t sacrifice yourself in order to keep others afloat.

This bespoke coaching journey consists of six 1-to-1 bi-weekly coaching sessions delivered over 3 months, and it is the ideal coaching programme for Juggling Ringmasters.

We will walk shoulder to shoulder with you to build your own personal toolkit of Power Tools to apply to all areas of your life at work and home.

These Power Tools will help you:

  • Anticipate change as you begin to share responsibility with your team
  • Embed resilience so you can face challenges
  • Accelerate your influence as a leader who others want to be led by

Programme: 6 x 1:1 bi-weekly coaching calls, with access in between calls to process your challenges and celebrate your successes = 3 months total.


“I’m Ed & I’m passionate about personal leadership.

I have been in the corporate, public & private health sector for over 25 years steering change, mentoring and running £50M portfolios. Leading at different levels of an organization in several different companies.
During this time, I have invested in working with people to become influential leaders and increase their decision-making accuracy. To become a leader people want to follow rather than have to follow requires insight into the blind spots we all have plus a set of mirrors & lenses to enable deeper clarity.

Over the last few years, I have been applying the GiANT Leadership tools which have accelerated the accuracy of decisions made from the point of view of myself, my family and my organization.

This led to me becoming a fully certified Leadership Consultant and Partner in Giant London. I now take other executive leaders through the journey of leveling up the impact on their business and personal life.