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About Jaz

International Keynote Speaker, Broadcaster and Author

Jaz has a unique ability to help people and corporations reframe their stories and situations, bringing transformation to their work, life and communities. This is Jaz’s alchemy.

Multi-award winning keynote speaker and three-time Speaker Of The Year, Jaz’s feet are firmly on the ground by her impressive failure CV – especially when it comes to appearing on reality TV shows, which she does once every 20 years!

Jaz is highly recognised for the impact she’s had on the education and health sectors, galvanising and inspiring those around her. She has led national and international projects, unlocking potential in leaders and teams, and is now highly sought after by organisations worldwide.


About Ed

Managing Director and Predictive Leadership Consultant

Ed leads our transformational coaching programmes designed to discover your personal leadership style and help you become your most authentic self in every aspect of your life.

Too often, we adapt ourselves to ‘fit’ into boxes that aren’t in alignment with who we truly are. And we perpetuate that with the teams we lead and in our closest relationships.

With over twenty-five years of proven success as a human-first leader in sales and marketing, coaching teams and future leaders. Ed is a seasoned mentor and his expertise has impacted on all levels, across multi-million pound organisations.

As Co-Founder and Director of Human First Ltd, he helps leaders and aspiring leaders to accelerate their influence, create and sustain invincible teams. 

About Team Ampaw-Farr

Jaz and Ed often win the “How did you two meet?” question with their incredible story of being introduced via Marie-Claire magazine in 1999.

(Ask Jaz to tell you the story – Ed gets embarrassed and misses out all the good bits!)

Their successful and happy marriage is their proudest achievement, followed by the three mini humans they have the honour of parenting.

They live in Milton Keynes, love dancing and foster everyday hero medical detection dogs. On occasion, they have also been know to get tired and crabby, eat too many Chocolate Hobnobs and order unnecessary kitchen gadgets from the internet.

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