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More than just a keynote, Jaz is a force of nature. Think less speaker and more catalyst for change…

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Multi award winning in-person and virtual keynote speaker

300+ keynotes over 30+ years impacting over 1 million people

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Multi award winning international speaker, author and broadcaster

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Multi-Award Winning Speaker

Alongside being a three-time winner of the prestigious title of Speaker of The Year, she also holds Best Live Gig 2022 & 2023, Best Storyteller 2023 and Most Positive Impact 2023.

Broadcaster and TV Star

In addition to being a Z-list reality TV star ( in her own words!) Jaz is also an accomplished TV presenter, an experienced radio broadcaster and podcast host. 

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Book Author

Author of “Because of You, This is Me” and contributor to “The Working Class: Poverty, Education and Alternative Stories” Jaz writes hard-hitting content with humility, humour and a lack of hate.

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Resilience Ninja

Jaz’s spectacular Shero’s Journey from Fear-Fighter to Resilience Ninja and Positive Disruptor has inspired thousands of people to be 10% braver.

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Entrepreneur & Leader of The Human Revolution

Jaz is a catalyst for change. Her work expands to campaigning for schools & working with governments worldwide.

Standup Comedian

Funny Women of the Year Semi-Finalist, Jaz has an uncanny and authetnic connection with audiences taking them from laughter to tears and back again in the space of two sentences. 

Record breaking TEDx Talk – The Power of Everyday Heroes

Viewed over 140,000 times, Jaz’s record-breaking TEDx Talk reconnects people with their purpose and true impact as a human-first leader.

Named ‘The British Oprah’ 

If you’re looking for vanilla Jaz is definitely not your woman. Hailed as The British Oprah in the US Jaz is a kind kick up the bottom to those who feel stuck!

    Award icons for speaker of the year 2023, best live gig 2023, most positive impact 2023 and best story teller 2023

    Jaz is real deal, real life and a real wake up call. She gets under the skin of your organisation… and peels back a few layers of the corporate onion. Her attention to detail and the way she works with clients is beyond exemplary.

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    Familiar themes delivered in a way you’ve never experienced before.

    Women & Entrepreneurship

    Jaz is a world-class reframer and shares practical strategies for being 10% braver, embedding ambitious resilience and swapping fear for curiosity.

    Jaz’s keynotes are frequently described as inspirational and experience a reconnection to their purpose. Looking for a motivational keynote that galvanises people to taker action?  These keynotes are for you:


    • Be 10% Braver
    • Embedding Ambitious Resilience
    • Crafting Your Own Shero’s Journey 

    Mindset & Motivation

    Strap yourself in because Jaz’s mindset and motivation keynote go beyond inspiration – they change people’s minds about what’s possible.  Discover The 3 R’s of Reinvention, how to kick imposter syndrome to the kerb and wellbeing as a new way of being.


    • The 3 R’s of Reinvention
    • Kicking Imposter Syndrome To The Kerb
    • Wellbeing For Those Time Short Leaders

    Leadership & Culture

    Welcome to the Human Revolution! Leaders who can calibrate their own IQ, EQ and PQ will be heroes of agility. Leadership that is human-first creates connected cultures and Jaz shares the exact toolkit used by winning organisations to create belonging. 


    • The 3 E’s of Enrolling People
    • Human-first Leadership
    • Create Agency & Belonging 

    Jaz's Most Popular Keynote Speeches


    Being 10% Braver

    Change comes as a result of inspiration or desperation. Why wait for the latter?

    Courageous conversations, whether at work or in life, require you to show up as your full-fat self. It’s never easy to go against the tide, address conflict or challenge the status quo, which is where being 10% Braver comes into play.


    NEW FOR 2024

    3 Rs of Reinvention

    Surviving is the lowest bar you can set. Thriving is an upgrade but driving change is where the party really gets started.. In this session, Jaz unpicks the 3 Rs of Reinvention: Responsibility, Reach and Reframe.


    Human First Leadership

    You’re not a leader because of your title, but because others believe you to be worth following.  Discover how to lead yourself before you lead others and meet people where they are.

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    Looking for an experienced international speaker who does more than just inspire? Jaz has spent the last thirty years delivering keynotes that drive people to be 10% braver and make positive changes in their lives at work and home.

Her background as a teacher, stand up comedian, government advisor and Z-list reality TV star are not the usual successes of a street kid who grew up in and out of foster care. Find out how she reframed her story and can help your audience to do the same.

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