Next Steps in Your Self-Discovery

Beyond kickstart: Ongoing journey of self-discovery

Well done for completing “Kickstart Your 2024” with Ed. Were excited to see how you apply the tools and thinking that you’ve learnt. This is your chance to make 2024 your year of impact. We believe in you!

If you’d like to continue working with Ed then take a look at the courses we’ve designed below. They delve even deeper, offering insights and tools that go beyond the initial kickstart.

You've kickstarted 2024, what's next?

1-1 Sessions with Ed

Dive into our courses designed to foster continuous learning, providing profound insights and advanced tools that extend far beyond the initial kickstart. Acknowledge that the journey of self-discovery is an ongoing process, a perpetual exploration of your ever-evolving self, where each phase contributes to a deeper understanding of your personal growth.

Soul Surgery North Star

6 Week Deep Dive Course

Includes 3 bespoke 1-2-1 sessions

  • Uncover your leadership DNA
  • Reconnect to your purpose
  • Embed new habits, navigate barriers and unlock your potential

Personal Transition

3 Months Embedding Your Transition

Includes 6 bespoke 1-2-1 sessions

Soul Surgery North Star +

  • Human hacks to leading yourself and others
  • Your personal impact roadmap for greater success
  • Plan and execute the next steps on your leadership journey

Continue Learning Independently

The Human First Academy

Enjoy online personal and development training at your own pace as a team or individually. Follow a course or explore a vast library of learning tools and resources. The choice is yours.

The Human First Academy

It’s more than an online academy, it’s a lifestyle change

Online learning tool

  • Bite-size videos for mindset shifts
  • Playbooks to embed change
  • Monthly live Q&A with Jaz & Ed

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