Be heard and transform relationships.

Discover Your Superpower with our 1-1 Coaching Kickstart

Everyone speaks, but not everyone is heard. In our personal and professional life, whether in a meeting or challenging conversation with a teen, clarity is king and can be the difference between success and stuckness.

Understanding and harnessing your unique voice is not just beneficial—it’s mission critical. 

Our Coaching Kickstart is a done-with-you three-step process, including your bespoke 1-1 activation session, and takes just over an hour in total. Together, we unlock your potential, decode interpersonal dynamics and amplify your strengths.

Take your to your 15 min leadership voice assessment

Receive your personalised and actionable insights

Build your own Impact Roadmap with Ed, our MD & Predictive Leadership Consultant

Create measurable impact and lasting change

Say goodbye to personality assessments that leave you with a string of letters, a colour or tell you you’re an aardvark but leave you with little knowledge of what to do next.

Whether you’re leading a team, managing a project, or navigating your personal relationships, our 1-1 Coaching Kickstart will equip you with actual tools for leading yourself and influencing others.

Your expert guide, Ed, our MD & Predictive Leadership Consultant, has led global teams to success using the same power tools we share in this mindset shifting session.

Goodbye confusion, hello clarity

Enhance your self-leadership

By taking a deeper look at your own communication tendencies.

Demystify human behaviour

With insights into the motivations of those around you.

Have courageous conversations

Reframe potential conflict towards constructive chat.

Increase confidence and build belonging

Cultivate empathy and deepen connection – even with those who are not on the same page as you!

You’re ready for a

1-1 Coaching Kickstart

Our simple 3 step programme can be completed in your own time and will help you and your team increase influence and impact.

What’s included?

  • Your Online Assessment: Uncover your leading voice and understand the unique strengths that set you apart. 
  • Personalised Insights: Receive bespoke insights based on your assessment results. Ed will decode your result with you and provide clarity on how to leverage your strengths for maximum impact.
  • 50-Minute Activation Session: Dive deep with Ed in your 1-1 session. Together, you’ll map out a plan to turn insights into action. It’s your opportunity to discuss hurdles, set achievable goals, and create a roadmap for individual and team success.

"2024 is the year that “Magic Beans Science Communication” pilots its first event and your guidance was pivotal in helping me realise this is an option."

Michael Almond


"In just an hour you've made things really clear, which hasn't happen before. I'm no longer wading through treacle."

 Sarah Stiffin

Your investment

Our Coaching Kickstart allows you to set the pace. Whether you’re investing in yourself or your team, start immediately and experience instant ahas!

1-1 Coaching Kickstart £495

SLT Coaching Kickstart for Leadership Teams from £295 per person

Great choice!

Well done for choosing to take control. Let’s do this together.

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