Workshops and retreats

Exclusive Mindset Retreats 

Come away with us on one of our exclusive mindset retreats where everything is taken care of.  This is your chance to embrace the new, meet likeminded people and let go of whatever is holding you back.

Our retreats are the perfect balance of relaxation, self-reflection, immersion in nature and group mindset workshops. Guaranteed to transform your mind and soul! 

Want to create lasting change?

Real change demands a shift in the 3 Ps: Place, Pace, and People. This retreat has got all three covered!


Life at home can feel like a daily race! Step away from the endless to do list and feel the benefits of slowing down your pace.


Context is everything. Sometimes all you need is a different view to give you a new perspective. 


From likeminded travellers to local guides, our tours encourage you to meet new people (who often become life long friends). 

Choose your retreat

Mindset in Morocco Retreat

A relaxing 4 night adventure filled with Moroccan culture, delicious food, breathtaking views and time for reflection. 

Embrace something different and welcome a new perspective. You’ll come home refreshed and ready for whatever is next!

UK Retreat

Imagine this, long country walks, deliciously healthy meals, arts & crafts, all inbetween mindset workshops and 1-2-1 sessions with Jaz.    

Sounds dreamy?

Keep your eyes peeled, as this retreat is coming soon!