Leadership Coaching

Senior Leadership

1-1 Coaching

Align your self-leadership with your leadership of others and watch your impact grow.

Two ways to develop your leadership

Leaders In Transition

Stepping into a new role? Starting with a new team? Ed’s 1-1 coaching is a shortcut to invaluable predictive behaviour insights. 

Hit the ground running with a set of lenses and tools you can use to deepen trust and improve communication.

Leadership Life 360

You’ve reached a crossroads. This is your time to decide what the next twenty years of your life as a leader looks like.

Our deep dive into your nature and nurture journeys will give you a clear roadmap for you now and next steps.

How will the way I lead be transformed?

Our coaching is designed to get the best out of you, based on your own learning styles. We utilise a combination of in-person and virtual, coaching sessions. 

Greater Self-Awareness

Learn all the tools you need to form a high performing team.

Greater Collaboration

Get to the core of your own leadership style through purpose driven, personalised coaching.

Higher Team Performance

Learn the skills needed to build an invincible team.

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We actually receive tangible tools that could be applied straight away. And now we understand that we are all wired differently and it is one of our strengths as a team.

Discover your leadership voice with our free assessment

Curious to know where you and your team are now? We’ve created a leadership quiz to help you understand your own leadership style. You’re only a few questions away from discovering more about yourself.