The Power Of Storytelling


How Will Your Story Shape Lives?

There’s a mahoosive difference between telling a story and storytelling.

People often show up to my keynotes assuming they’re going to hear my story. But actually it’s never just my story. My focus is on taking my story to our story and ending on YOUR story.

And that’s the important part. Because telling a great story is entertaining but great storytelling goes beyond entertaining to galvanise people into action.

Of course, it is much more difficult, but because I’m committed to leaving the planet better than I found it, I have the privilege of inviting others to join me every time I get on stage.

So what’s your story?

Are you still telling yourself the same stories that were told to you as a kid:

  • Your brother’s the academic one, you’re more… creative
  • That’s not your place

or the classic from my childhood…

  • Little girls should be seen and not heard! (Never. Gonna Happen!)

Last week I delivered one of my virtual keynotes for the ATT Institute, there’s always a bit of concern when clients book a virtual keynote that it won’t be as powerful as an in person one.

Well errr…

My favourite feedback was from Bev Brazier. She mentioned she has quotes from the keynote stuck up around her house. When I asked her which quotes she sent me these photos:

Whilst it’s totally bizarre to see my phrases stuck to a plant pot, I’m super stoked to see how she is using them as a springboard to upgrade her story.

How about this: Next time you’re upgrading your phone, remember to check whether the stories you tell yourself about yourself need an upgrade too! As the great Diana Osagie says, you haven’t worked this hard and fought this long to live a mediocre life!

Your story is an inspiration to those who aren’t quite where you are yet.

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