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Our workshops will help you to discover your unique leadership voice, increase clear communication and reframe the balance between work and life.

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Unlocking Your Leadership Voice

Every human in your team has a unique leadership voice.In this fun, engaging and interactive workshop we uncover the unique characteristics of each leadership voice.

Your team will develop a deeper understanding of what makes themselves and other tick as well as a shared language and toolkit to apply straight away.

Balancing Life and Work in The Digital Age

Is it really success if you liberate others at work but abdicate self-leadership at home?

Balancing life and work doesn’t have to be a battle when you have the tools and mindset to transform your way of being.This workshop tackles overwhelm head-on and shares easy to apply tools to reduce the friction and frustration that impacts productivity and fulfilment at home and work.

Maximising Your Impact & Influence

You’re not a leader because of your job title. You’re a leader because others deem you worth following.A strong future-proofing strategy is essential for empowering others to reach their potential.

This workshop helps you to unlock the rules of engagement and navigate walls of self preservation. Our simple tools and step-by-step roadmap equip you with the ability to engage and enrol others authentically.

Cracking The Communication Code

Everybody speaks but not everyone is heard. Our communication code workshop is a simple yet powerful outline of the five main ways people naturally frame their communication.

We share our ‘human-hacking’ secrets so that you become adept at interpreting the motivations and needs of others, understanding where team members and clients are coming from and ensuring everyone feels truly seen and heard.

Developing Diverse Leaders

Diversity isn’t an optional extra, it’s the nature of our planet!Winning organisations are intentional around growing future leaders with diverse perspectives.

Our popular workshop centres around belonging and doing things not to or for but with others. Whether your focus is BAME, women in leadership or simply ensuring all voices are heard we meet you where you are and help you to codify connection.

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We actually receive tangible tools that could be applied straight away.And now we understand that we are all wired differently and it is one of our strengths as a team."

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